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How to set a charging schedule

The charging schedule can be set in the Green Wallbox mobile app with a Bluetooth connection or remotely if the charger is connected to a WiFi network.

With Plug&Play disabled, once the vehicle is plugged in, charging must be authorized using the mobile app or NFC card. If there is no authorization, loading will not be started.

From the home screen menu, select the device for which you want to set a charging schedule.

Go to the device settings by clicking on the two pinwheels in the upper right corner.

From the settings menu, select Schedule.

Click the Plus button in the lower right corner to add a new charging schedule.

Set the schedule according to your preferences:

  1. Set the days on which the schedule should run
  2. Set the time at which charging should begin
  3. Determine how long you want the charge to last

In addition, you can set:

  1. Maximum charging power. If not set, charging will start with the power set for the charger.
  2. Select Charge to Full – this means that if the vehicle does not finish charging during the schedule, charging will continue until the battery is fully charged.

When you have selected all the options, click the SAVE button. The schedule will be sent to the loader.

Make sure schedules are enabled by checking the switch in the upper right corner.

You can set up to 5 different schedules.

Updated on October 25, 2023

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